A career in the high tech industry brought Kathleen to France where she combined an expertise in software design with her knowledge of the French language.  In her free time, she wrote for journals, magazines, and online media.  Her publications include restaurant reviews for The Worcester Telegram, travel stories for France Today, and articles for yoga magazines such as the New England Iyengar journal, the Beacon.  Several short stories have appeared in Travelers Tales, including "Just Chicken", about a Parisian restaurateur.  The story also received placement in the publication's 2005 Best Travel Tales edition.  Other stories about living in France were published regularly in the online magazine  She holds a BA and MA in French and a MS in Computer Science.  She has participated in numerous writing workshops at Provincetown Fine Arts Center as well as at Truro Castle Hill Center for the Arts.  She is currently writing a memoir. With her husband Scott, she lives in Massachusetts. 

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